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â—¦Training requirements for Tech Core

Fundamentals of Emergency Management are a great start, but tech teams should be versed in disaster technologies including NIEM, IPAWS, UICDS

GIS, EDXL, Social Media, Infosec









Submitted by eric.kant 3 months ago

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  1. Sounds like someone works for National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC). It worked for me and might be the best in the big picture too.Fundamentals of Emergency Management (G-230/IS-230) are a great start but the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERIES (PDS){IS 120; IS 230; IS 235; IS 240; IS 241; IS 242; and IS 244} might enhance the knowledge base.

    2 months ago
  2. Agree with MJ...PDS is well worth the time...

    14 days ago
  3. Agreement is afforded all the way around on this topic. However, it is very doubtful if the list of courses already discussed will render a solution to a 'WORST CASE SCENARIO'. Much more is needed for 'TECH-TEAMS'. To common it is created by administrative protocol of one leader per unit, most training for the leader and less for the rest. 'TECH-TEAMS' need to be trained equally to at least 3 deep and the ideal is 5 to 7 deep per unit. Least the leader is unable to report we'll experience less capability on site. Planning, training, equipping, exercising, qualifying evaluating and, credentialing are in order to achieve desired outcomes.Plans, training, and equipment, and the capabilities they represent, are validated through exercises. Exercise evaluation informs preparedness priorities by highlighting potential preparedness shortfalls in the areas of planning, organization, training, and equipment prior to real-world incidents.

    13 days ago