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700 MHz D Block Spectrum Allocated to Public Safety

700 MHz D Block Spectrum Allocated to Public Safety - Legislation includes NG9-1-1 funding as well. Seems it was included in HR3630 and passed last week. Now will it take another decade to get it implemented nationwide?


Could it be that "interoperability" become a reality?

Submitted by in Feb 2012

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  1. creativeogre, please add what you think is needed to "speed" implementation. Thanks.
    in Feb 2012
  2. what happened to the $19B raised through the auctions?
    in Feb 2012
  3. Could it be that "interoperability" become a reality?
    That depends how you define 'COMMUNICATIONS INTEROPERABILITY'. Currently, if your focused on COMMON OPERATING PICTURE, INTEROPERABILITY, RELIABILITY, SCALABILITY, AND PORTABILITY, RESILIENCY AND REDUNDANCY, and STANDARDIZED COMMUNICATION TYPES as being inclusive of overall communications interoperability to achieve the ability of public safety agencies (police, fire, EMS) and service agencies (public works, transportation, hospitals, etc.) to talk within and across agencies and jurisdictions via radio and associated communications systems, exchanging voice, data and/or video with one another on demand, in real time, when needed, and when authorized. Then your acknowledging that The federal government’s use of the National Communications System (NCS)inclusive of SHARES, RACES, ARES ,SATERN, and MARS is in operation and satisfies this objective with or without communications towers and gateways. On the other hand, if the focus is on 700-D-BLOCK
    utilizing communications towers and gateways on 20 MHZ worth of the UHF-BAND your short on spectrum, lacking dependability, reliability,RESILIENCY AND REDUNDANCY when communication towers become damaged and or destroyed, and subject to the limitations of 'PATH-LOSS' in a 'SIMPLEX-MODE' to preclude communication over a wide-area-region. Here it is suggested that interoperability is a current reality but (NCS)inclusive of SHARES, RACES, ARES ,SATERN, and MARS must be used in conjunction and complementary to either the old PSRS or new PSRS system/s.
    in Nov 2012
  4. Volunteer emergency communications operators/groups, using Amateur Radio, have been providing backup communications to public safety for over 100 years. They are used by event planners, public safety officials, and emergency managers at all levels of government. Often, Amateur Radio services have been used reliably when other forms of communications have failed or have been disrupted. Today nearly all states/territories have incorporated some level of participation by Amateur Radio auxiliary communication operators into their SCIPs.
    in Nov 2012

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