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Archiving documents at response/recovery PA field offices

Develop and implement a standard protocol for electronic and hard copy document storage based on standard components of the PA program for use at all field offices. Deploy an archivist at the onset of a declared event to set up network files for electronic data storage and physical file storage areas for critical hard-copy documents. With the inevitable turnover of response/recovery personnel, being able to quickly access information and avoid rework would enhance efficiency and provide a more seamless transfer of knowledge. Basing the methodology on established parameters of the PA program would ensure that the protocol could be universally implemented and applied.

Submitted by sandra.heiss 2 years ago

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  1. "No FEMA employee will post any non-publicly releasable information on any public facing Web 2.0 product. Unless authorized by External Affairs, employees may not speak for the Agency or discuss the intricacies or development of Agency policies or programs unless the disclosure is protected by the Whistleblower Protection Act."

    1 year ago

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