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Building evacuation route signage should be reevaluated

Building evacuation route signage needs to be reevaluated. Existing Fire evacuation route signs do not show all exits from a building, only fire exits. They do not show exits that are not considered fire safe such as stairwells that are not inclosed with fire safe doors. I just made fire evacuation route signs for our headquarters building and more than half of the building exits are not shown on the signage or with exit signs.

Submitted by in Mar 2013

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  1. I strongly recommend that those attempting to change their EXITs as listed to any existing building check with the local Fire Marshal's Office and Emergency Management as they have specific guidelines to follow for allowing areas to be so designated.
    Connie Herrmann
    in Mar 2013
  2. The floor plan showing fire exits is one map and can not be changed by code for very very important reasons.
    Disaster routes should not always vary from these either, however, active shooter evacuation route maps should be separate, and show exits and what is outside them as well as proceed to points offsite. Departments within a company (teachers in classes fit this) need evacuation officers and evac leaders. Officer is last out directing those in his area to the evacuation doors, leader is first out with an evac pack including water and energy bars, basic first aid...

    The exit signs do not change and we just add a second map to the wall with a blue color code or any color that is NOT RED and fire evac map IS RED is at eye level and IS CLEARLY MARKED. So no one burns alive in a maintenance hall trying to leave a fire.
    in Mar 2013
  3. In the event of an active shooter situation:

    Evacuate, Attempt to evacuate. Have an escape route and plan Leave your belongings Keep your hands visible, HideFind a place to hide Block entry and lock doors, Remain quiet and silence your cell phone or pager, Take ActionAs a last resort, try to incapacitate the shooter Act with physical aggression, Remember to always: Take note of the two nearest exits in any facility you visit. Be aware of your environment and any possible dangers. CALL 911 WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO!
    in Mar 2013

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