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Bunkers with multiple exits

We believe that having multiple exits on bunkers especially community bunkers in Tornado prone areas can be valuable. Bunker exit can get blocked by debris blown by a Tornado, alternate exits can provide people inside the bunkers access and they should be able to come out of the bunkers after a storm.


This idea was from 11 year old kids who participated in a First Lego League challenge to come up with innovative solutions for disaster recovery.

Submitted by in Jan 2014

Comments (8)

  1. And the second generation (at least second generation) of the "bunker" idea,even for community ones and hardly off to an needed kick-start yet,adds an brighter idea to the first.
    in Jan 2014
  2. Wanted to add maybe now with this current snowstorm covering much of the Northern part of the U.S. and not even over yet that maybe now when Congress gets back to D.C. they may be more considerate of giving last years creation of C.A.P. some greater attention of preventative measures work and more so now that the younger generation is even trouble shooting workable ideas.
    in Jan 2014
  3. It is extremely important to embrace and encourage the younger generation to think creatively and innovatively. This is a great example of an underutilized Think Tank resource!
    in Jan 2014
  4. Really on underutilized...as example of the younger generation though Cub,Boy and Girl Scouts already cover emergency and self survival/etc. training in their regular program am sure getting involved in the think tanking there could be an FEMA patch included as other patches are awarded after particular training.
    in Jan 2014
    1. Great I idea write to the Boy Scouts HQ in Irving TX
      in Feb 2014
  5. I completely agree. This has even been the case with Above-Ground or "Free-Standing" community and family shelters, where the exit was blocked and the occupants were trapped inside. Perhaps a revision to PM-361 or PM-320 could include this idea.
    in Jan 2014
    1. All shelters even residential ones should be registered with the local Fire Department for first responders as for location on promises and type of, size capacity.
      in Feb 2014
  6. Agreed, I guess (multiple exits) should be applied to home basements too, but most of us only have one set of stairs to the basement and some of us are too big to fit through the tiny basement windows.
    in Aug 2014

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