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Chain-of-Command Publication

In any disaster situation the chain-of-command, as regards who does what & when, starts w/ individuals, families, businesses, organizations, Emergency Managers, & various government entities (starting a the local level & moving up-the-ladder). Each participant in the response needs to be aware of established chains-of-command for every area, and each type of disaster ... and they need to know the typical response time to move from one level to another. FEMA has published some command information for managers, but it would help reduce disaster panic if the general public had easy access to this information. The bonus of such publication is that people will have a better idea just how long they need to take care of themselves before help should arrive.

Submitted by in May 2012

Comments (17)

  1. I always thought that was what NIMS was about Dave.
    in May 2012
  2. David Nuttle Idea Submitter
    kcOnyk, this morning you quickly disagreed with three of my new ideas with no evidence that you had given any idea one real or valid consideration. When you fail to state your objection to an idea, and also fail to provide a better idea, you are not being helpful to forum members. Please give us your input. Thanks.
    in May 2012
    1. mlscott44@yahoo.com, you disagreed with my comment on idea to end drought, stating we have enough water just need to conserve it, I ask where is the water if there is plenty and have you made any suggestions to conserve it. No reply
      in Sep 2012
  3. David Nuttle Idea Submitter

    I am seeking better ways to inform the average citizen of the emergency chain of command. I don't see NIMS being really effective in that regard. Why do you think NIMS is all we need?
    in May 2012
    1. Why do you think "the average citizen" needs to know who is in charge of an office that he has no direct involvement with? The public needs to know who they deal with in an emergency. Emergency workers each need to know who their ONE boss is (this IS accomplished by NIMS)

      No one NEEDS to know who is in your idea of a chain of command more than one level up or down from their own position.

      Do you really think it is useful for your "average citizen" to run to the governor because they don't like the rules at the local assistance center?

      The simple fact is that the specific individuals in the "chain of command" change several times each day. The structure remains the same, and as you already know that structure is published in several books available to anyone who wants to read them. The individual in each block of that organization diagram changes frequently but those changes are transparent to anyone who isn't immediately involved at that specific level.
      in Sep 2012
  4. The public has access to a wealth of information.

    kc0nyk already mentioned NIMS: http://www.fema.gov/emergency/nims/

    How long will folks need to take care of themselves before help arrives is discussed here, “IS-22 Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness,” http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/is22.asp
    in May 2012
  5. David Nuttle Idea Submitter
    It seems what is needed is a way to encourage the public to better make use of the information already available. Thanks.
    in May 2012
  6. http://www.emergencymgmt.com/disaster/Breaking-Reliance-Federal-Help-After-Disasters.html

    Breaking the Cycle of Reliance on Federal Help After Disasters
    in May 2012
  7. IS-22 Are You Ready (An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness)? Now I took that in 2007 and it did not appear to be in-depth. Sseeking better ways to inform the average citizen of the emergency chain of command ? The average citizen might benefit from IPAWS and prepardness rather than just being concerned about the chain-of-command and estimated responsew. Are we to understand that the public is to expect the same response time during a TYPE-1 incident as that of a TYPE-4 incident? How long before help arrives ? That is
    dependent on the catagory of the incident, Type, and complexity. TYPE-5 incidents could be measured on a response time. There is agreement to an objection being made without providing the alternative.
    in May 2012
  8. Why do citizens need to know what the chain of command is in an EOC in a jurisdiction affected by a major disaster? All they rerally need is to understand the message being put out, wether from the IC or the political leadership, or the jurisdictions spokesperson.
    in Jun 2012
    1. My experience with a flooding disaster in my community showed the necessity of the community to know our county emergency manager (EM) or designee and to know how to communicate with the local EOC, using the proper channels - so I must respectfully disagree. When the flooding started, the EM received countless calls from citizens - he was overwhelmed with calls which hindered his ability to coordinate response. A group of community citizens of all denominations quickly met and determined to use a local church’s leadership structure for incident command structure (ICS). Disasters happen at the lowest possible level. Citizens are the first line of defense in a disaster and they should not be underestimated, just organized. Our community is both urban and rural and the EOC had to respond to the needs of the areas with the largest populations first. So as the flooding worsened, it was up to the rural community CITIZENS to work together and then coordinate with the EOC. We used the pre-determined faith based ICS to coordinate with the county EOC. After block captain (CERT volunteers) checked on neighbors they reported to area captains who reported to bishops who reported to the stake president who reported to the county emergency manager in the EOC. The state pres. was then able to coordinate with the EOC and get services to the areas of greatest need. The EM coordinated our community response through one channel and response was expedited. Thank you for your thoughts.
      in Aug 2012
  9. RESPONSE: They Don't need to know the cain-of-command.
    in Jun 2012
  10. Have you all heard about CERT? Community Emergency Response Teams. In our state, the County Emergency Management Offices put on training that includes search and rescue,emergency first aid/triage, and general organizational principles. The idea is that neighbors are trained to help neighbors.
    in Jun 2012
  11. Yes, most of us have heard about CERT. Some of us have even either worked with CERT-TEAMS or trained them. The real idea is while they are trained to help their neighbors this is an augmentation to the emergency management system. See 'WHOLE COMMUNITY APPROACH'.
    in Jun 2012
  12. @Kparke: The chain-of-command does not need to be known. EM (PIO) need to effectively use Twitter and a hashtag, then train the community to follow. Individuals follow a hashtag (#) and PIO can correct any in accuracies being posted.

    Updates can go through Twitter, including evacuations, routes, and more.

    COLORADO 2012: Two major fires were successfully followed by the public and media due to proper use of Twitter. No one ever asked about the chain-of-command; rather, the community asked where they could stay with pets.

    Proper use of Twitter greatly reduces calls to the EM and the EOC (as it should).
    in Aug 2012
    1. Although I agree with your assessment of the importance of social media. However each community needs to use what works for them until they can move to the next level. Not everyone is social media savvy. I hope my community can move closer to using twitter but until then we will use what works for us.
      So what happens when cell towers are down? Don't throw out a system (such as ICS) that can be useful as a redundant system.
      It is obvious that there are strong opinions about this subject. I have seen citizen-level ICS work too many times to throw it out.
      in Aug 2012
  13. MidnightTrain has it down fairly good.
    in Aug 2012

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