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Combating War On Terror

We should always keep diplomatic lines of communication open when it comes to dealing with Terrorist type groups. We need to find out what their motivations are, and how we may resolve differences from a diplomatic point of view . . . . That is whenever possible . . . we should always let them know there is a venue for peaceful communication.

Submitted by in Feb 2012

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  1. As a former CIA Special Operations Officer (GS-14) I previously engaged in counterterror operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. I have yet to find a dedicated terrorist interested in a diplomatic solution. For most foreign terrorists they have one clear motive, the destruction of America. In the case of Muslim terrorist groups, they want Americans all converted to their religion or "dead." They do not seek peace, and have no diplomatic point of view. The only exception is the Taliban, and they see diplomacy as a possible way to regain control of Afghanistan. If you find a formula for engaging terrorist groups in valid diplomacy, please let us all know.
    in Feb 2012

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