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Create smart "intranet" systems for neighbors.

Cities ought to promote and install new "intranet" social media that will connect immediate neighbors? This "intranet" system would include basic home security, as well. City leaders would suggest 6-9 families on a block to pool their resources to purchase and schedule items that would make life a whole lot easier. There could be items like self-enclosed, driverless golf carts so neighbors take turns to buy groceries or go to the doctor's office. With all the aging baby boomers that should not drive by 2020, this new vehicle would come in handy. As for disasters, cities would encourage one person per block to help purchase emergency supplies and even a generator for the rest of the block. Neighbors would check out large generators, ATVs with attached snow blades and pre-stock on emergency supplies. With storms becoming much more powerful, these things like sharing ATVs with attached snow blades would be more useful. As part of this "intranet" system, people would be offered basic home security system. This would include web cams placed in smart areas around a home. If lets say there was a home broken into, then the new web cams on peoples front yards for the whole block could be used to find where these people went. In addition, if a problem street is identify as being a gang problem, for instance. Certain streets could be made one way, that street completely closed, place numerous stop signs on a street or finally install "smart" traffic lights. If lets say a home is broken into, this "intranet" system of home security will cause the traffic lights nearby to stay as red

Submitted by in Aug 2013

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  1. If the city mandates it, then the city should pay the cost.
    in Aug 2013
  2. jan
    Good idea, not only security also safety. I know Alert4Home it is only security, it could be also used for safety like smoke alert.
    in Aug 2013
  3. This idea should be referred to Facebook, Twitter or other social media providers. Neighborhood watch, CERT or other local preparedness organizations could adopt this element as appropriate.
    in Aug 2013
  4. Technical standards support enables the development and coordination of technology standards for NIMS to ensure that personnel, organizations, communications and information systems, and other equipment coordinate and perform consistently, effectively, and reliably without disrupting one another. In coordination with the DHS Science and Technology Directorate, the NIC will coordinate the establishment of technical standards for NIMS users.NIMS technology criteria will rely on private- and public-sector testing laboratories to evaluate equipment against NIMS technical standards. These organizations will be selected in accordance with guidelines that ensure that testing organizations are both technically proficient and objective (free from conflicting interests) in their testing. The NIC will issue appropriate guidelines as part of its standards development and facilitation responsibilities. Strategic R&D Planning: Strategic R&D planning identifies future technologies that can improve or lower the cost of existing incident management capabilities. To ensure effective R&D, the NIC, in coordination with the DHS under Secretary for Science and Technology, will integrate into the national R&D agenda the incident management science and technology needs of all emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations. "Will integrate into the national R&D agenda the incident management science and technology needs of all emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations". Operational scientific support draws on the scientific and technological expertise of other agencies and organizations. Planning for this category of support is done at each level of government through NIMS preparedness organizations.R&D planning will be based on the operational needs of the entire range of NIMS users.
    in Aug 2013
  5. I agree with most of your idea. Inventory modification is a good idea for different emergencies, that's for sure. Getting your inventory to do what it is supposed to do by the person who is supposed to do it, another story. Really, I have been through 16 hurricanes in Florida already. Chaos reigns and semi-societal breakdown occurs. Did you know that it is a FACT that most fatalities and injuries occur AFTER THE DISASTER? Hmmm food for thought.
    in Nov 2013
  6. Yet again, I really am amazed at all of the comments on here about government-mandated and controlled neighborhood intranets, embedded RFID chips, real-time tracking of people and pets via mobile devices, apps that know where you are and "warn" you, track all of your personal contacts for EOC purposes, etc. Does anybody value freedom any more? I suggest reading the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution; it's a great read, and quite pertinent to the times we find ourselves in.
    in Jun 2014
  7. Really????? Government-controlled cameras in our homes??? Do you really want to live in North Korea?
    in Jun 2014
  8. sounds a bit like Beacon Village in Boston, where neighbors look out for each other.
    in Jun 2014
  9. Continually adding our dependency to Government agencies will ultimately require increased taxation for programs and will require individuals to give up just another little piece of our independence. The programs are good in spirit and should be up to the individual citizen to determine how to handle the topic at hand. However I would not support another government agency determining how to run my life. Thank you.
    in Jun 2014

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