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Crisis at the Border

I think it would be a good idea to enlist the help of local and state emergency response organizations to help with our current problems on the border with Mexico.


It would provide much needed help and provide valuable training that could be used to improve disaster management programs.

Submitted by in Jul 2014

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  1. Great Idea!...also, retired DOD MP's, Volunteers in Police (VIPS), CERT and others could help out enormously with man-power (and woman-power)...There is a lot to be worry about with our major border crisis...aspects I think about daily include (e.g. Exploitation and escalation of human trafficking, Economic=>Orphanages and homeless shelters here in Michigan are under-funded as it is (without this issue), and our roads look like 19th Century America...Hospitals are already overwhelmed, also the CDC is looking at the impact/dangers of non-vaccinated illegal immigrants on our communities)...Additionally, our U.S. adversaries/enemies will likely attempt to exploit our overburdened Border Patrol personnel, blend in with the Central Americans and cross over into our country...then steal resources and victimize locals, lay low and form intelligence cells, sabotage our facilities, escalate the drug smuggling/importation problem, team-up and train at one of America's infamous terrorist compounds...plot and attempt another terror attack...truth be told, I could go on and on and unfortunately (it wouldn't be paranoia or anxiety), it is a reality that must be faced head-on (in my humble opinion).
    in Jul 2014

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