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Dr. In Prison

Have a list of Drs who could be used to help in emergency, They could be released early if they have not committed a Capital Crime. They could be pardon if they complete the emergency situation.

Submitted by in Nov 2013

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  1. Doctors in detention at federal, state or local facilities could be used as a resource in federal, state or local emergency response plans. However, action would be needed in multiple jurisdictions to revise sentencing and parole board guidelines to implement this suggestion.
    in Nov 2013
  2. You are under the impression that there are too few medical providers available in an emergency and that is just not true. As a provider myself, I do not want to be working alongside someone where their primary motivation for helping in a disaster is to get out of jail or prison. Perhaps they have not practiced in years and are not up to date on best practices. Either way, their heart would not be in the right place for this sort of work. They can continue to "pay their debt to society" in jail, where they have been placed by the courts.
    in Nov 2013
  3. I think that they could be used inside the prison to free the medical staff of the prison to work on the outside.
    in Dec 2013

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