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Draft Mitigation Framework Guiding Principles

Risks associated w/ climate trends e.g. sea level rise (SLR) will place additional populations at risk. Two recent reports published in March 2012 analyzed the vulnerability to SLR and flooding and storm surge. The first found 1 m SLR would place 3.7 million people at risk, some 2150 communities at some degree of exposure, with FL, LA, CA, NY and NJ at greatest risk. The second looked at the influence of SLR on storm surge. That study found that SLR will not only augment water levels by storm surge but the frequency of storm surges will also increase. These changes will impact risk assessments and delineations of 100 yr floodplains.Mitigation alone will not minimize this risk. Adaptation strategies must also be developed. These concepts should be integrated in the mitigation framework.

Submitted by maria.cahill 2 years ago

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  1. "There’s nothing scientific about the way the science panel came up with its one-meter projection, said John Droz, a physicist and environmental activist. Droz, with the help of more than 30 other scientists, wrote a critique (PDF) of the panel’s “NC Sea-Level Rise Assessment Report.”

    Droz’s first complaint is that the panel based its one-meter projection on a review of scientific studies, but the review excluded studies concluding that sea-level rise is not happening. Also, the study cited most by the panel is no longer supported by its own author. "


    2 years ago
  2. Remember there were sceptics that thought the world was flat too. Considering much of the United State has been under water in the distant past, it is not too much of a stretch considering the decreasing size of ice flows in both poles, to assume that the water goes somewhere. I noted Mr Droz did not print his critique in a scientific journal.....could it be because it would not pass the peer review standards?

    Emergency managers often plan for low probability high consequence incidents. What if, just on the slightest possibility, SLR turns out to be real? Shouldn't we start planning for it now? I would say that the only scenario we should not consider in the realm of possibilites is an alien (as in from outside our solar system) invasion, and a zombie apocolypse. Game on for everything else.

    2 years ago