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Emergency Healthcare and Public Health - Storing Health Data

A main repository with two backup computer servers for all citizens as patients in the US could be very helpful - for all their medical data. This repository could be organized by age group and geographical location. That way access to this repository would not be on a distributed system which might not be solid and reliable. Distributed systems in healthcare need to be handled with a lot of care, because you don't want the wrong people accessing data and changing it. Appropriate password assignment to healthcare workers across a distributed system should be organized on a flowchart so as to better manage who has access to a patient record and who is allowed to change it. Such information could be critical, from a medical perspective. -Proposed by: June R Massoud, Computer Engineer

Submitted by in Jun 2012

Comments (2)

  1. June, with the development of advanced cyberterrorist techniques we need to take great care in what we store on computers. I would suggest you add a sophisticated, reliable encryption/ decryption system to your concept.
    in Jun 2012
  2. Because so much personal health care information is sensitive and may expose people to all sorts of potential problems if the information is inappropriately disclosed, I'm not sure that I want my medical information in a centralized data base. I would much prefer to see a standard method of carrying my medical inforamation on my person so that any emergency treatment faciltiy can access that information.
    in Jun 2013

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