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Emergency planning, training, and networking

Seven staff members from our college campus attended the FEMA training on emergency management for higher education sponsored by Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI in December of 2012. This training is highly recommended! It motivated, those of us in attendance, to create a committee to take an active role in emergency preparedness/planning on campus. The training also provided us with the ability to network with other colleges and universities. As a follow up to connections the training provided, we visited another college campus who had performed a full scale emergency exercise that included local, state, and out of state responding agencies and emergency services. They shared their process, plan, policies/procedures, EOC set up, and outcomes. The sharing of information like this is so incredibly valuable! It provides a starting point, which we are taking and modifying to reflect your institution.


In regard to gun violence; our Campus Safety Director has been performing an "active shooter" training with staff and students, utilizing the video "Run, Hide, Fight", the weblink to view it is accompanied with additional training and discussion.

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  1. Our town, Scarborough, lead by our Fire Chief, has participated in similar FEMA/NIMS training. He has asked all town leaders, school leaders, public services and even the public library to complete common training. This training allows us to share a common language and context in the event of an incident. I encourage more towns to take on this comprehensive approach.
    in Mar 2013
  2. The NIMS training Plan considers qualified personnel to be more than simply the sum of their training, and developing minimum expectations for functional qualification of personnel is an important part of the National Training Program for NIMS. 10) Application of design and methods within FEMA publications; 428,426, and 452. 1) Access security should be equal to/ or be better than the access to the jurisdictions Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 2) Training is instruction in core competencies and skills. It is the principal means by which individuals achieve a level of proficiency. Typically, a significant part of the TT&E program will involve training.3) Exercises are events that allow participants to apply their skills and knowledge to improve operational readiness. These situations ultimately resulted from lack of school personnel to plan, equip, train, and exercise to national NIMS/HSEEP standards and procedures as related to schools. Public school buildings and properties are public properties and subject to the same security controls as any other public properties. This includes searches of all bags, brief-cases, back-packs and containers introduced on public properties. This includes exclusion of all persons from a classroom for which they have not been assigned. This also includes physical inability to enter any school building or property without prior written authorization.
    in Mar 2013

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