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productions is USDA food grade approve. And it works well AS A FIRE suppression and doesn't rely on moisture to be effective can be applied to two weeks before the fire season start



inner-city structures as well

Submitted by in Jul 2014

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  1. F.A.C.S. OPERATIONS Idea Submitter
    apply FACS containment systems on matters trees house to protect anything that matters does not have to retain moisture to work and it's good for Earth having nutrients back to our planet
    in Jul 2014
  2. Is FACS affordable by would-be Firewise Communities?
    in Jul 2014
    1. F.A.C.S. OPERATIONS Idea Submitter
      absolutely using fa cs product fire cannot exist no recognition covering 200 square feet and the average seven dollars
      in Jul 2014
  3. F.A.C.S. OPERATIONS Idea Submitter
    USE FACS, NO REASON TO DEPLOY FACS, Fire Application Containment Systems, USDA approved is a non chemical, completely bio degradable product used in a preemptive process that retards, and/or eliminates the ability fire needs to ignite. To stop the fires, FACS needs funding. These funds are necessary for purchasing equipment in the manufacturing of FACS delivery systems.
    in Jul 2014
  4. F.A.C.S. OPERATIONS Idea Submitter
    Watch the video that shows the protection that can save lives, homes, and our wildlife without the worries of ever having to deploy. Common sense leads to the following solutions: 1. Spend forest resources training firefighters, whom risk their lives. 2. End fire danger altogether by burning all the forests, killing all the wildlife and animals. 3. Funding FACS will be preventive action for fire.
    in Jul 2014

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