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FEMA Internal Peer-to-Peer CISM Team

As an expeditionary force, FEMA needs to be able to address the needs of its staff at all locations and activities. To assist FEMA staff, FEMA should augment its EAP program with staff trained in peer-to-peer CISM or Psychological First-Aid (PFA). This would assist in ensuring staff operate effectively during a response and are resilient to the impacts of a response.

Submitted by in Dec 2013

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  1. JTL
    As a CISM Champion, I am very dismayed over the lack of Agency support and regard for the mental health of our workforce. My experience with many EAP Providers has demonstrated time and time again that they have little if any experience dealing with an Emergency Management or Disaster Workforce mental health needs. They cannot relate to the issues associated to the type of work performed by those who are part of the field work, Call Center work and those who deal with Disaster Survivors on a day-in day-out basis. These interactions have a profound impact on our workforce, many times leading to secondary traumatization.

    Supposedly our workforce is our "number one asset," yet we continually throw them to an EAP program that is ill equiped to meet their needs.

    Interestingly, even our DHS partners in the Coast Guard realize the importance of a Peer Driven, Peer Supported program for helping their workforce and maintain a very robust CISM program.

    Randall, you are right-on with your suggestion and I for one applaud you in your efforts.
    in Jan 2014
  2. randall.hecht Idea Submitter
    I believe putting this type of program would actually take minimal effort an donly benefit the agency. I've meet with other DHS componenets about their programs, to include DHS' Best Practice one at the Glynco FLETC CISM Office. I would also support that the FLETC CISM prpogram become the model for DHS to use. It has a 14 year history, well defined program and materials. In fact they're building a how to develop and manage a CISM Program course for Federal agencies this year. I have a recommendation I'll be submitting soon for FEMA leadership consideration.
    in Jan 2014
  3. As a first responder I agree that there is a need for CISM (or CISD in our part of the country).
    in Feb 2014

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