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FOOD FOR THOUGHT-Creating more Goodwill momentum

FOOD FOR THOUGHT...What is it about a nice smile or someone letting you in traffic? It makes your day! Is it Newton's Laws of Emotions?

Can this video (link below) here be simply Newton's laws of emotions that for every action there is like but opposite reaction?


Second, does it seem some neighborhoods or towns are meaner or more aggressive than others. The momentum effects portion of Newton's Laws may explain this. In other words, there seems to be huge amount of hate momentum in some places. To change hate into goodwill it will take energy, depending the amount of people you are dealing with. This is sort of like changing directions of a large ship 180.

There is the math formula of F=MA of one of Newton's 3 Laws. I believe this math formula can be replaced with the following. I believe this math formula F=MA can be where M=population involved, A=change in emotions and F=total emotions force. "A" can be where there is a change in emotions from hate to goodwill and vice versus. I hope we see more of people doing goodwill gestures such as the video above. Then with enough of these actions, we may change the momentum, however small, to that of healthy goodwill energy in more neighborhoods as a result.

Submitted by in Jan 2014

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  1. I agree, yes indeedy, that is good food for thought, brightens my day a little to know people are thinking such positive thoughts...I flip a switch from serious professional to goofball sometimes if I believe it will bring happiness to a child's heart! You could also think of it as the "emotion" ripple effect ("emotional" momentum conserved). You could substitute variable(A)parameter as "any action that is a good deed or brings about something positive in society," and the result will be =>someone is bound to smile eventually.
    in Mar 2014

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