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For $100 Construct Your Own Emergency Generator

Based on his U.S. Patent No. 5,402,021, Howard R. Johnson, an inventor from Blacksburg, Virginia, has been perfecting and testing a do-it-yourself electrical generator he says may be constructed for $100 (w/ parts from a hardware store). Said patent, dated 28 March 1995, has now expired, so the invention is available for public use. I suggest that FEMA work w/ Mr. Johnson to perfect and test his generator. If it does work as he claims, a handbook should be written and made available to the public ... so more people will be able to obtain emergency generators.

Submitted by in Jan 2012

Comments (2)

  1. Google the name, patent number, or "hojo motor".

    It's a scam.
    in Feb 2012
  2. David Nuttle Idea Submitter
    Thanks for the information on the "hojo motor." In my quick check on this technology I did not find what you discovered. I appreciate your alert on this scam.
    in Feb 2012

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