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Gaming Idea boards

Gaming Idea boards for higher points is easy if you know what you're doing. There's a simple way to get points for Ideas, comments, etc., and the way Idea board points are awarded needs to be corrected. Not all good Ideas bubble up to the top.

Submitted by in Apr 2013

Comments (2)

  1. Some of the ideas in "Hot Topics" are fully negative. The ranking of ideas is faulty on this board. Hot topics should be those that are good enough to actually be used.
    in Apr 2013
  2. How about testing it before it is used? Plans, training, and equipment, and the capabilities they represent, are validated through exercises. Exercise evaluation informs preparedness priorities by highlighting potential preparedness shortfalls in the areas of planning, organization, training, and equipment prior to real-world incidents.
    in Jun 2013

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