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Get 72 Hour Emergency Kits in 4 Parts: Part 1

After 5 decades of using 72 Hour Kits during assorted emergencies, worldwide, I know that available lists of kit items are often incomplete and poorly organized. Thus, I am presenting a kit list in 4 parts with a suggestion that each part should be acquired every 3 months, so you have your complete kit within a year. Start with a backpack and rain cover for your backpack, and add these items by category ... each in their own container (w/ category labels). Your first 4 parts are:


1) Health Related Items: First Aid Kit, personal medications, sanitary items, extra pair of glasses (as needed), New-Skin (for blisters), a small dust mask, and potassium iodide (for nuclear disasters).


2) Communications Related items: Cell phone, 3-power option AM, FM, SW, NOAA Weather Radio (powered by battaries, solar, and/or hand-crank generator ...w/ connection to also charge cell phones). Signal mirror, whistle, and hand-held flare.


3) Light Options: 2-power flashlight/ lantern (powered by batteries and/or hand-crank generator).


4) Fire Starter: Metal match & fire starter mix, and/or matches in a waterproof container.


72 Hour Emergency Kit parts 2, 3, and 4 to follow in additional postings (there is insufficient space to post all at one time). You may add or subtract items to meet local or personal needs.

Submitted by in Feb 2012

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  1. David Nuttle Idea Submitter
    As I developed and redeveloped my 72 Hour Emergency Kit, over a period of years, I would ask others if they had such a kit, and if not why not. Between 5 and 7, of 10 people, asked this question, would tell me that it was governments responsibility to provide for their protection. (Good luck with that approach.) At least 1 person would tell me they were not concerned, or nothing bad ever happens to them. Usually, 2 people would tell me they could not afford such kits or simply did not have the time to put one together. Overall, 3 of 10 people seemed to have some interest in emergency kits ... but most want to put little effort or funds into acquiring such kits. In brief, the subject of emergency kits is only of true interest to persons who have somehow survived a major emergency without a kit ...they know how a 72 Hour Kit could have been of significant benefit. As for far too many others, they have yet to understand that they are their own best first line of defense in a disaster. The minimal positive reaction to my post indicates just how few people are willing to make a significant effort to achieve emergency preparedness.
    in Feb 2012

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