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Get 72 Hour Emergency Kits in 4 Parts: Part 3

Please read and follow the Part 1 instructions, and proceed to acquire your Part 3 kit items. To wit:

9. Food: 15 energy bars (5 per person day). If you believe you may be gone longer than 3 days, add appropriate dehydrated (light-weight) food items plus salt/ pepper.

10) Sanitation: Small, portable composting toilet and sanitation chemicals, along w/ toilet paper, moist towelettes, and plastic trash bags.

11) Tools: A good multi-tool w/ pliers, screwdrivers, and wrench ... plus hunting knife or hatchet, leather work gloves, as well as manual can opener (P-38 or other).

12) Defensive Items: Pepper spray, Taser, baton, and/or personal weapon (if trained & licensed).

Part 4, the final part of your 72 Hour Emergency Kit, will follow in the last posting on this subject.

Submitted by David Nuttle 2 years ago

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