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Homeland Security-Emergency Management Education-Collaboration

Homeland Security is about a collaborative national effort to secure the homeland from all-threats and all-hazards.


National is used here in the sense of all levels of government: federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial; the public and private sectors; and the American people.


All-threats and all-hazards is used in the sense of all intentional threats (crime, terrorism, war), natural (huricanes, earthquakes and the like), and accidental threats and particularly large scale (e.g. Deepwater Horizon). Homeland security is best served and accomplished through collaborative efforts that transcend governmental, geographical, organizational, and cultural boundaries. DHS and FEMA should promote and support education programs that facilitate the collaboration imperative.

Submitted by in Feb 2012

Comments (2)

  1. I would add that, to maintain comprehensiveness and collaborativeness, that all agencies that comprises DHS should promote and support opportunities for collaboration.
    in Feb 2012
  2. I fully agree... but the reality of life is during the post 9/11 time, when the Federal government was shotgunning money out to provide "homeland security" the funds were not spent on many items that really are required. Case in point is interoperable communications and training. Looks like the well is drying up, and it will soon be left to local agencies to pay for training. Many areas at state level do not even have a database that tracks the training first responders have already taken. There should be a national registry system that keeps the training and credentials in a uniform way, but also, the training has to be tailored for the area, and specific goals and framework be set to have the base training uniform throughout the nation, something that many local's are not supportive of because it takes away from their little fiefdoms.. but that is another issue
    in Feb 2012

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