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Jet Stream relocation

When Jet Stream (100 to 400 miles wide, and 1 to 3 miles thick, at an altitude of the troposphere, i.e. 30000 feet 6 miles up) keeps weather pattern destructive of life and property, have 10 to 25 supersonic jets break sound-barrier simultenously in desired location. Move Jet stream direction.


QED. Will it work?

Submitted by in Jul 2013

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  1. It will work exactly as well as each of the other ideas you have just posted.
    in Jul 2013
  2. NIMS represents a core set of doctrines, concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes that enables effective, efficient, and collaborative incident management.NIMS defines the preparedness cycle as “planning, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking action to correct and mitigate.” Exercises play an important role in this broad preparedness cycle.Plans, training, and equipment, and the capabilities they represent, are validated through exercises. Maybe, Erick.Sandstrom could provide the documentation (AAR/IP) to support the information in the above posting.
    in Jul 2013

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