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Maximize the Use of Charitable Giving via Smartphones

Local and State governments should maximize the use of charitable giving via mobile phones for disasters for its communities. One in five US adults (20%) have made a charitable contribution online, and 1 in 10 have made a charitable contribution using the text messaging feature on their mobile smart phone. Mobile giving played a vital role in the January 2010 Haiti earthquake with individuals donated an estimated $43 million to the assistance and reconstruction using text messaging on their cell phones. Messages spread virally to the community that has an interest in seeing their community rebuild. This mode of community involvement allows citizens to keep funding in their communities and save the time waiting for FEMA funds to reimburse for services that are needed immediately.

Submitted by in Jan 2012

Comments (3)

  1. I find it interesting that these days any small disaster overseas gets the media and donations, Yet right here at home, events get their two or three day headlines and fade off in the public view without any mention of donations of this kind.

    Charity begins at home
    in Jan 2012
  2. Everyone please remember to include our Tribal Nations in your comments, not just the local and state governments. Thanks
    in Jan 2012
  3. While a lot of money can be raised via text messaging, it is not easy for donors to do the due-diligence required to ensure the group fundraising is actually responding to the disaster for which it is soliciting donations. Just because an organization asks for money doesn't mean it's responding effectively or at all!
    in Jan 2012

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