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Navy ship with supplies

Large navy ship on east and west coast and gulf near New orleans to respond to disasters

Submitted by in Nov 2012

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  1. use depots of military eqipment ie tanks generaters tanks ect first reponders who may be vets could have tools at their disposal to mount a defense and cleanup why scrap all that good made inUSA stuff when it could be used in future storms
    in Nov 2012
  2. Speaking to your general concept, check out Team Rubicon. It is a new NGO mad up of active duty and veterans to fill the gap btwn the disaster and the formal government response.

    As for the idea to use military equipment, I think it is a great one... except it is not currently workable. The issue we came across was that we would need to request the needed equipment from the supporting guard unit, via the county. In this instance, it was a field tent since all of the town buildings were unuseable. The guard was willing to support, at a significant cost savings (quote for one trailor was $35k+ for 3-6 months), but the county was not willing on forwarding the request. The county had also originally promised a trailor for the town's use, but then decided that they could not. I am very much aware of the amount of active and guard stocks of equipment that could be used, but then you have to be careful to recognize the seperation of state and federal. Add in the limitations on providing the gear, who would decide what requests would be approved. The custody chain and maintainance of the equipment... I am not saying that there should be an answer here, I just can't see what it is.

    What I did do was refer the town to the military's DRMO site (where they post all of the material and equipment they are 'phasing out.') They are free to purchase from there.

    They ended up renting open commercial real estate just outside of town until their building has been repaired.
    in Mar 2013

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