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Planning Tool #1

With the advantages in technology, can we develop an emergency operations plan thats tied to link analysis to map interoperability. I recently have access to FEMAs full spectrum riskknowledgebase system and its amazing. Can we have a tool developed to do that for the planning process?


Submitted by in Jun 2012

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  1. It's not always about technology. Sometimes you need preparedness on the ground. If technology helps you get there, then all the better, but you most definitely need coordination on the ground which is not so easy to achieve. -Commented by June R Massoud, Computer Engineer
    in Jun 2012
  2. Preparedness and coordination on the ground on the ground
    is not so easy to achieve ? That depends how the prepardness coordinators approach the development of 'CAPABILITIES'. Another factor is the design of the training and exercise plan. The ground coordination aspect
    is not specificly addressed and the focus to not easy achieve is vague, unspecific, and uncertain. A suggestion
    under these circumstances would be to only use SMEs as controlers and evaluators and provide them training prior to any exercise. Conduct a Training and Exercise Planning Workshop, develope a Training and Exercise Plan, progressively build the development by conducting, seminars, workshops, tabletops,games, drills, functional-exercises, and full-scale-exercises. Building, maintaining and revising an emergency operations plan might seem a bit easier. While the posting addresses an automated solution to the emergency operations plan the above response addresses ground prepardness. Actually, it can not all happen with software at a computer. Coordination is developed through a common understanding of plans, policies, procedures, methods, and authorities which must be assured through training and exercises. Trainers, facilitors, controlers, and evaluators, must be qualified SMEs in addition to qualified exercise designers
    to achieve the desired development of 'CAPABILITIES'.
    It might be best to address the ground coordination more specificly.
    in Aug 2012

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