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Preparedness Priority for National Security Targets

Priority should be given to areas of extreme national security. Fort Knoxx, Cape Canaveral, New York City, etc. All of these areas house an important target: gold reserves, US spaceport, Wall Street. These are large targets that should get priority over other areas. Security is already heightened in these areas, however public training and preparedness is often lax. By giving priorities to these areas and encouraging training and cooperation in the public, military and civilian personnel could be relieved to secure their priority systems and information, while adequately preparing the population for little too no immediate assistance. Whether through the Red Cross, CERT, direct FEMA operatives, volunteer emergency services and law enforcement personnel, further funding and training should be given in these areas as well as others so that at least some of the affecting region is able to maintain it's stability and allowing command and control to retain a workable infrastructure.

Submitted by in Dec 2013

Comments (4)

  1. Although i agree with you, i have to disagree .where do you think these people will go if something happens in these places.The rural areas will have an influx of people and problems that they can not deal with. Most areas do not have the resources or the ability to train the people that they have. This is being seen in most rural fire companies that do not have the finances to send their people to get trained properly. Of course most of the votes are in the bigger areas so the rural citizens do not have a chance for the help they need.
    in Jan 2014
  2. I am with loquewm, I agree and disagree. Yes, protective measures are in order for those areas connected to finance, as what better way to cripple a nation, than economically...however, a shift in thinking is also in order, when monetary capital has more value over human capital. In the event of a catastrophic situation, i'e. an EMP, there will be a mass exodus out of city centers into rural areas that are already struggling to maintain status quo. Priority should also be given to these areas. There must always be a plan B.
    in Jan 2014
  3. As long as preparedness money doesn't get pulled from mitigation. We 'may' have an attack on the facilities you mentioned, but we 'will' have another catastrophic natural disaster and mitigation can reduce the impact.
    in Jan 2014
  4. I see this as a Homeland Defense issue as for infrastructure requiring security measures.
    in Feb 2014

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