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Reduce the Shotgun Appraoch to FEMA's Roll With Surviors

Consider identify what core activities FEMA is to provide to survivors that are above and beyond what State, Tribal, and local governments are to provide and provide them. FEMA is a coordinating agency for the Federal government, not a first or second response organization (except for perhaps the Urban Search & Rescue Teams). Support the development of State, Tribal, and local governments capabilities along with all their supporting agencies/organizations both government and non-government efforts with the resources and funding to be more survivor centric.

Submitted by randall.hecht 8 months ago

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  1. Totally agree. Keep FEMA out of the first responder business. They are needed before and following a disaster.

    8 months ago
  2. Incidents begin and end locally, and most are wholly managed at the local level. Many incidents require unified response from local agencies, NGOs, and the private sector, and some require additional support from neighboring jurisdictions or the State. A small number require Federal support. The responsibility for responding to incidents, both natural and manmade, begins at the local level – with individuals and public officials in the county, city, or town affected by the incident. Local leaders and emergency managers prepare their communities to manage incidents locally.

    4 months ago

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