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Require School Integration in Grant-Funded Preparedness Programs

Set a requirement for other preparedness funding programs (e.g. UASI, EPMG) that schools, colleges and universities must be participants in planning, training and exercises. In some jurisdictions the integration of institutions of higher education (IHEs) into local preparedness is non-existent or unidirectional. Many IHEs have their own police departments and have well-developed emergency management programs, but may struggle to get full cooperation from local officials responsible for emergency planning. Participation in the planning is more important than having written plans.

Submitted by Geoff Bartlett 1 year ago

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  1. To ensure that stakeholders implement NIMS, the NIC evaluates implementation using NIMS Compliance Objectives (requirements). These compliance objectives are regulated at the organizational or jurisdictional level, and Federal policy requires jurisdictions and organizations to meet NIMS compliance requirements as a condition for receiving Federal preparedness assistance (through grants, contracts, and other activities). The NIMS compliance objectives for training typically require that stakeholders are providing their personnel with appropriate NIMS training.

    1 year ago

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