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Retired Homeland Security persons for Surge Capacity Force

The current Surge Capacity Force requires current government workforce to volunteer for up to 45 days. Not many people can do that and fewer bosses would allow it. If you would allow recent DHS retirees into the SCF you can leverage all their experience, without salaries or missing the person from his regular job. I cannot leave my current job now but once I retire I will be a whole lot more flexible. Provide a place to sleep and maybe some perdiem and travel and you have a ready surge force.

Submitted by in Nov 2012

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  1. Let's extend this to include fully retired military, firefighters and law enforcement professionals. There is a vast untapped and willing expert capacity out there
    in Nov 2012
  2. EMERGENCY ASSIGNMENT: For all nonbargaining unit positions, the following applies: Every FEMA employee has regular and recurring emergency management responsibilities, though not every position requires routine deployment to disaster sites. All positions are subject to recall around the clock for emergency management operations, which may require irregular work hours, work at locations other than the official duty station, and may include duties other than those specified in the employee's official position description. Travel requirements in support of emergency operations may be extensive in nature (weeks to months), with little advance notice, and may require employees to relocate to emergency sites with physically austere and operationally challenging conditions.
    in Nov 2012
  3. Community Member Idea Submitter
    Regarding mjcyranwd6alm's comment above. I am a GS in the Coast Guard, eligible to participate in current Surge Capacity Force, but not ale to. The emergency assignment you mention doesn't apply to us, or I assume any other DHS agency other than FEMA.
    "Mark Neuffler" - yes I agree, I'm just addressing the current DHS employee vice retired DHS aspect.
    in Nov 2012
  4. That's correct. It doesn't apply to the USCG but applies to FEMA employees.
    in Nov 2012
  5. Marc Neuffer is being modest. However, the posting indicates that federal employees, that are retired, are always subject to re-call because they earned a service retirement. FEMA activity duty employees should be deployed for surge capacity under the National Response Framework.
    in Dec 2012
    1. Not sure about the "modest" part... never benn accused of that before. I understand that the original post was for retired DHS folks, but would like to see a framework to include many other retired professionals who are experienced in aspects of disaster response & recovery.
      in Dec 2012
  6. A volunteer is any individual accepted to perform services by the lead agency (which has authority to accept volunteer services) when the individual performs services without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services performed. See 16 U.S.C.742f(c) and 29 CFR 553.101. FEMA is also DHS folks. Retired means retired. It doesn't mean subject to recall to avoid retention and hireing.
    in Dec 2012

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