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Rural Healthcare Disparity in America

For decades our Group has confronted this critical issue in Florida and it is well known in all Rural Communities throughout our Nation. Craig Fugate is well aware of the instance of 4 Hurricanes cris-crossing the section of Polk County Florida in one short period. The community was ill prepared to handle such. The same is true on a daily basis for ordinary Healthcare access and delivery in our Rural Communities. There is no "Golden Hour" for heart attack or stroke victims in our Rural Communities.

Elder Care Advocacy of Florida is working with 2 Global Pharmaceutical firms to address this issue.

This falls under the National Framework under the provisions of Presidential Policy Directive 8 and could benefit our Nation in this effort.

Does FEMA have any interest in such? If not we shall continue to work with our Pharmaceutical organizations in the development in solutions for this critical need in our Nation today. We have been effective on a smaller scale in a local Florida area and have proven viability for such. While we would welcome Federal participation and collaboration we do not wish to become involved in a process that will delay implementation of the vital need for action.

Please advise.

Submitted by in May 2013

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  1. Community Member Idea Submitter
    In that there is a lack of MD's in many Rural Communities it is possible that NP's, RN's PRN's could be utilized to advantage as well as retired physicians and nurses who are often residing in our rural communities. It is worth evaluating for this vital effort.
    in May 2013
  2. Incidents typically begin and end locally, and are managed on a daily basis at the lowest possible geographical, organizational, and jurisdictional level. However, there are instances in which successful incident management operations depend on the involvement of multiple jurisdictions, levels of government, functional agencies, and/or emergency responder disciplines. These instances require effective and efficient coordination across this broad spectrum of organizations and activities.Governor. Public safety and welfare of a State’s citizens are fundamental responsibilities of every Governor. For the purposes of the Framework, any reference to a State Governor also references the chief executive of a U.S. territory. The Governor:Is responsible for coordinating State resources and providing the strategic guidance needed to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents of all types.In accordance with State law, may be able to make, amend, or suspend certain orders or regulations associated with response.Communicates to the public and helps people, businesses, and organizations cope with the consequences of any type of incident. Commands the State military forces (National Guard personnel not in Federal service and State militias). Coordinates assistance from other States through interstate mutual aid and assistance compacts, such as the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.Requests Federal assistance including, if appropriate, a Stafford Act Presidential declaration of an emergency or major disaster, when it becomes clear that State capabilities will be insufficient or have been exceeded.Coordinates with impacted tribal governments within the State and initiates requests for a Stafford Act Presidential declaration of an emergency or major disaster on behalf of an impacted tribe when appropriate.ESF #8 – Public Health and Medical Services (ESF Coordinator: Department of Health and Human Services).
    in May 2013
  3. Who is expected to pay their malpractice insurance?
    in Jun 2013
    1. Generally if they are acting on the behalf of a local/state governmental entity any concern of malpractice would be covered.
      in Jul 2013
  4. Consider establishing a program with input from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, State and local governments to establish emergency clinics in underserved area based on response time to existing trauma centers or emergency clinics. Staffing could be coordinated with teaching hospitals, medical schools and other health care worker training programs. Veteran's Administration might also be a source for staffing, including employment opportunities for medically trained personnel exiting the armed forces.

    This type of clinic format is not likely to be self sufficient and would rely on local, state and federal government funding. The benefits in public health and emergency response capability might not justify the cost.
    in Jul 2013
  5. Generally if they are acting on the behalf of a local/state governmental entity any concern of malpractice would be covered? Really ! Now the media seems to project the reality that several jurisdictions have submitted bankruptsey filings and most are failing in terms of required public revenue to meet their financial obligations and terminating tenured public servants. One public jurisdictional hospital lost accreditions and was required to cease operations. The issue is not financial especially when public jurisdictions do not have the funds to cover the liailities. The real issue exists in medical boards invalidating licensure of incompetent medical professionals thereby eliminating financial liability. How does the medical community resolve that one doctor places a tag on the correct limb to be amputated and the patient comes out of an operating room after surgery by another doctor with the good limb removed and the tag is still attached to the limb that should have been removed? Two hospitals have lost their accreditions for organ transplants because their medical professionals couldn't make thing right. Are we now to understand just because an entity is a public health agency that the jurisdiction can afford unlimited disbursements for the incompetence of their medical professionals?
    in Jul 2013

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