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Everyone has a cell phone and they can all live stream video to public officials.

Our idea is to make a share in a free live staming app, to show public officials what is going on in the city.

See www.safecity.nl

I am from the Netherlands and I won an award with this idea in 2010 and in september this year it will be rolled out nationwide. Everyone can use a live streaming video app to share their videos with other social networks and also they can chose to share this with the police or crime stoppers or local government.

Submitted by in Aug 2013

Comments (10)

  1. This application may have merit. It would have to be adopted at the local government level for use in 911 dispatch centers. State or Federal government adoption might be swamped by local issues, but might be of use for homeland security, border patrol, drug enforcement agency. . . Video metadata to identify the phone GPS location, date, time and user account data would be needed to prevent spoofing.
    in Aug 2013
  2. As long as the cellular telephone network is in service.
    This proposed utilization may not be reliable nor dependable during an actual disaster.
    in Aug 2013
    1. jan Idea Submitter
      Yes, true. Depending on the kind of distaster. If the telecommunication is working it is very handsome
      in Aug 2013
    2. Mjcy,
      Like Jan, yes Cell phone service has to work.

      That said - hail, fire, trees down, flooding, shooting, house on fire, bridge collaps, gas main break, water main break, etc do not take down cell towers.
      Motorola and others companies have this as part of their product. I would prefer having a time stamped photo or video of what is happening without having to buy a whole system (product, web server, app server and database server)

      YouTube should not be EM source of intel.
      in Sep 2013
  3. Is the video captured and stored? Is it permissible as evidence in court? I am more comfortable for use of this for disaster information than crime response, because it has potential for abuse in crime reporting. Abuse seems likely because the images are linked to reputation, livelihood and freedom consequences.
    in Aug 2013
    1. jan Idea Submitter
      Yes, everything is stored video, sound and GPS location. We originallly developed this for the fire brigade in Sweden, but we see that the attention in Europe goes more to fight against rime
      in Aug 2013
  4. Strategic R&D Planning:Strategic R&D planning identifies future technologies that can improve or lower the cost of existing incident management capabilities. To ensure effective R&D, the NIC, in coordination with the DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology, will integrate into the national R&D agenda the incident management science and technology needs of all emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations.

    "Will integrate into the national R&D agenda the incident management science and technology needs of all emergency management/response personnel and their affiliated organizations". Operational scientific support draws on the scientific and technological expertise of other agencies and organizations. Planning for this category of support is done at each level of government through NIMS preparedness organizations.R&D planning will be based on the operational needs of the entire range of NIMS users.
    in Aug 2013
  5. Please do not forget low power FM for big disasters. Here the city can broadcast messages by locations. Time, date, weather, news, road closures.

    People panic in the dark - be it no lights or no news. Take command of recovery and drive it before it drives you.
    in Sep 2013
  6. The proposed concept of low-power-FM has merit regarding low level emergency but lacks INTEROPERABILITY, RELIABILITY, SCALABILITY, AND PORTABILITY, RESILIENCY AND REDUNDANCY in 'WORST-CASE-SCENARIOS'. As with HIGH-POWER brodcast facilities, such a broadcast system should be integrated into IPAWS. Acknowledgement should be accorded to the fact that earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes,and hail-storms can and do damage and destroy broadcast antenna towers,antennas, and power systems rendering applications useless. Many jurisdictions have 'RACES' operations in place. Community members may purchase battery/crank short-wave portable radio receivers that are capable of RACES reception. The focus here is that the receiver remains operable even if the batteries die. FM transmission is also effected by phase-inversion, cancellation, and ghosting. RACES is operable by wind and solar, in addition to battery and generator, power where FM broadcast is not because of higher power consumption of the transmitters. RACES/MARS (AMATEUR RADIO) worked in 9/11,KATRINA, and JOPLIN-MO. but PSRS, FM-BRODCAST, and BROADCAST television was either marginal or was rendered out-of-service. In any case Plans, training, and equipment, and the capabilities they represent, are validated through exercises. Validate the idea/concept prior to using it in a real-time incident event.
    in Sep 2013
  7. Yet again, I really am amazed at all of the comments on here about apps that live-stream your surroundings to government officials, government-mandated and controlled neighborhood intranets, embedded RFID chips, real-time tracking of people and pets via mobile devices, apps that know where you are and "warn" you, track all of your personal contacts for EOC purposes, etc. Does anybody value freedom any more? I suggest reading the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution; it's a great read, and quite pertinent to the times we find ourselves in. Jan, do you crave safety that much that you want your life live-streamed to the EU headquarters servers? Just asking because it seems like you prefer safety over freedom.
    in Jun 2014

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