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School Bus Storm Shelter

I am working with classmates to come up with an lower cost for a storm shelter. We heard of a man who used a school bus and buried it.


We are exploring that idea and think it is a cheaper way to save larger groups of people (25 to 80) people. Plus, old school buses can be recycled by being used. Our team's cost estimate for this is under $5,000. A storm shelter for a family costs (starting at) $2,700. That is IF you live in a bigger city.


In our state - Mississippi - tornadoes are pretty severe, so our team think it would be safer to take shelter underground.


FEMA should have engineers study and draw up plans to make a school bus storm shelter planning guide. That would be really cool.

Submitted by in Jan 2014

Comments (3)

  1. Super idea for the basic storm shelter in places with such an tornado history. I can see that idea beginning at "the Town square,ending at Interstates and the such" where those out in the populated general public would appreciate if the needs be of having an known and fast place of getting to.

    What was meant by basic an White House story Condy (Rice) stated about 9'11. It has its comical side though nothing was comical of the day...

    When it was figured out of what was going on all non-vital White House Staff were advised to leave decently and in order and all vital White House Staff were advised to hit the dirt/move quickly to the White House shelter. But it didn't take long that once again the WHO of in-house P.D. were advising all non-vital White House Staff to leave the shelter and go home?

    Why? No doubt Architects has fixed the problem by now but their air exchangers then were not up to the code of serving so many and they all were actually running out of oxygen...something like that anyway as she quoted reason for the second order for all White House non-vitals to leave before they all began to pass out.

    As for such an elaborate shelter as that who is not wishing there wasn't an need for them and so before Bus manufactures might see the need to increase the bus production should this recycle plan catch on but I'm thinking that such truer sense of shelters could make part of the Presidents plan for jobs and such to rebound in 2014...let alone would re-enforce the Climate Action Plan-C.A.P. but on the other hand it may just be a good time to be in the junk business if with allot of used buses ready to be put through the shredder.
    in Jan 2014
  2. How would the shelter be secured from homeless intrusion? vandalism? What about flood? Your ideas of an entrance? Interesting use of discarded materials.
    in Feb 2014
  3. I think it is a great idea. The logic of it makes sense. It would be easy to bury and add an entrance. I just am not sure the local Pollution Control and any local zoning folks would go for it. If I was in need of a shelter I would certinly entertain the idea. As you said it could handle a large number of people has 12 volt lights already in it. The idea is good I wonder what local zoning and planning folks would say.
    in Apr 2014

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