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US National Grid Standard to be tied to EPMG Grants

Suggest that funds designed to improve emergency operations center stipulate that those EOCs must adopt and demonstrate that the US National Grid is their standard GIS display format.

Submitted by esulliva 2 years ago

Comments (2)

  1. If local and state responders aren't using National Grid this will hobble response. A top down approach that forces responders and the public to use the USNG is questionable at best. If EOC Managers don't want to use USNG they'll just jump through the hoops to obtain funding then go back to doing business as before.

    2 years ago
  2. I agree the USNG needs to be emphasized for EOC operations, like Common Operating Picture software. Maybe this idea is a bit heavy handed, but if FEMA funding is paying for COP/EOC software and accompanying GIS / GPS technology, it should stipulate that such software and technology must support national standards and their use, including the USNG as the primary location referencing system. This should get software developers and solution providers to integrate the USNG more seamlessly, as opposed to an after-thought. The USNG cannot be viewed as an annoyance that is added on an exception basis, when asked for.

    2 years ago

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