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Uniform Federal Good Samaritan Law

I would pass legislation at the federal level that indemnified licensed medical professionals from liability during an emergency in which they need to practice triage, etc. That way, the professional does not have to think about whether they will get sued or not if they help a person when they are on vacation in state in which they do not know the laws.

Submitted by in Aug 2013

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  1. Community Member has this participant's vote. Actually, there is one but it was designed with loop-holes. They want to leave the door open for their friends in the legal profession to make big pay-checks.
    in Aug 2013
  2. In most states triage and basic first-aid treatment is covered by the Good Samaritan Law, regardless of your certification. Stay within that scope and you should be just fine. Most Commonwealths are strict about acting outside of that scope.
    in Sep 2013
  3. nickmiller518 addresses triage and basic first-aid treatment but the author of the posting fails to mention that and instead refers to an out-of-state medical professional and application of liability laws to such. The 'CORE-ISSUE' is one state falsely holding-out to their public that their professionals are more competent than professionals from other states. The 'CORE-ISSUE' is one state falsely holding-out to their public that life-saving emergency services will be rendered then quietly denying those services through exclusionary laws because a professional at the scene is licensed in another state and no in-state professional is available resulting in death and/or permanent injury. So it would appear that such states are in opposition to THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION Article IV Section 1 “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.” Failure of the states to recognize reciprocal licensing and afford unquestionable immunity of legal actions may cause professionals to ignore the situation and walk away from any incident event.
    in Sep 2013
  4. I think the problem would be the level of training the individual had at the time...medical professional would have to be agreed with by everyone as far as training.
    in Sep 2013
  5. Give the world a break, give us a break, and give yourself a break. Is anyone going to advance that an Oregon doctor is better than a Arizona doctor? Located within many states are military hospitals where most staff doctors are licensed on other states than they are located. The states apparently have no problem as long as they confine their practice to the military hospitals. Accordingly the same hold true with Doctors Without Borders where other countries do not complain about their practice with foreign licenses within their jurisdiction. However, have a disaster within a US state and the victim gets thrown under the bus. Emergency Management comes up qualified personnel resource short.
    in Sep 2013
  6. To my knowledge, only Puerto Rico will not accept licensed medical personnel, specially physician assistants, from other states/territories
    in Sep 2013

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