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Using RFIDs for disaster recovery

RFIDs are devices that emit radio waves that are used to identify things. RFIDs signal can be detected up to 300 feet. We believe that RFIDs devices can be provided to people and pets in Tornado prone areas. These devices can be activated when a Tornado or a Storm is anticipated. People and pets can then be found and saved quickly using radio detectors. We believe that this can help save a lot of lives.


This idea was from 11 year old kids who participated in a First Lego League challenge to come up with innovative solutions for disaster recovery.


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Submitted by in Jan 2014

Comments (7)

  1. Good idea, but the problem would be cost and would they buy it in these areas?
    in Jan 2014
    1. harsh.marwaha1 Idea Submitter
      I think that since retail stores use RFIDs to stop theft I believe that RFID should not cost that much.
      Also, maybe there can be a marketing campaign in the tornado prone areas to make people get them.
      in Jan 2014
  2. Get it into mainstream wrist bands and you may have something. Penetrate the college campuses especially schools with Emergency management programs. There are millions now since 911. Let them sell them for fund raisers get the alumni involved. Talk to fabricators & chip companies. Get the fire academy involved and or endorsement. PTA's at every elementary school in the country. Look for grant programs available through SBA.
    in Feb 2014
  3. I would be interested in know what it takes to be involved at the RFID level, What training do you need?
    Is there a school,class?
    in Mar 2014
  4. Our BSA Troop 767, hosts an emergency training/exercise weekend, every April at a local campground for around 300 people called, “Prepared for Life.” We train the scouts in the use of RFIDs and other emergency preparedness/survival skills with the help of the Civil Air Patrol, Mile High Chapter of the Red Cross, several Search and Rescue groups, and our local Community College. I would start with your local Community College or the Civil Air Patrol for training or contact your local BSA Council. There is also great “YouTube” instruction available, on how to make your own RFID transponder/receiver that you can train with. Use of RFIDs in a tornado or flood prone area is a great idea and survival tool. You could have the information on file with your local emergency responders that they are in the households. That way if there is an emergency situation, they know to use a receiver to help locate victims.
    in Mar 2014
  5. What government agency would track you in real time with your RFID? The NSA, FBI, CIA, local police, or anyone with an RFIP interceptor perhaps? Sounds a bit invasive just to know where to find dead body after a tornado... Really, we have to think this out a bit better. How much freedom are you willing to sacrifice in order to be safe? Real-time tracking of our bodies by any government is unacceptable.
    in Jun 2014
    1. I trust our emergency personnel to operate with integrity! I would feel safer if the Government tracked my RFID in case I ran into trouble...what is the deal with this mistrust (If you live a clean life then you don't have to worry about it)...The Government operates under strict laws and regulations. Also, if a body was missing, the family would be worried sick until they got it back and could then begin seeking emotional closure (this may occur sooner with the use of an RFID)...additionally, without the RFID more resources may be spent trying to find the body...It would therefore save resources as well.
      in Aug 2014

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