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Who is Reading This

Many people submit ideas but there is no way of knowing if someone in authority is reading or following up. I would like to suggest that if an idea receives upward of 25 agrees then upper management give some feedback. This would encourage people to suggest ideas knowing that this site is worth more then just a chance to ventilate.

Submitted by in Jan 2014

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  1. Good idea!
    in Jan 2014
  2. jc
    Hello PDF, I agree with you completely. I myself have had an idea posted up for over 2 years and it has been in the top 16 since the beginning but no one has contacted me or had it be the topic of discussion, on what originally should have been a monthly telephone conference focusing on three top ideas. Here is the link to my post - http://fema.ideascale.com/a/dtd/24-7-Field-Triage-Preparedness/319348-14692

    The lack of direct response from someone within DHS is rather discouraging and disappointing especially when I recently learned that there is a committee currently looking into establishing a National triage standard. It would be great if someone from the FICEMS committee would take a look at the post and the responses. I have so much feedback from responders to share regarding the topic but no one in a position to do something with it.
    in Jan 2014
  3. Are there any officials in the White House that monitor the Ideas for possible implementation? If positive change can not be achieved through communication venues such as this, It will still be achieved, just at a fundamental, one on one level that acts to unite Americans on a personal scale, rather than some arbitrary groups created by corporations to continue the veneer of corporate responsibility and environmental awareness. Change happens by one person caring about another, more than their own selfish needs. Just love a little MORE.
    in Jan 2014
  4. Feedback keeps interests going. Lack of feedback drives interests away to other areas.
    in Jan 2014
  5. With budgets challenged as they are could philanthropist be within the loop? Is there a way this could be organized, promoted? The presidents mention at the end of weekly address's/final moment of disaster declarations. Chief of Staff comments in final closing of statements. Money is always the problem. grant writers my fit in here but they need to know where to go.
    in Feb 2014
  6. Terrific idea. I suspect that one of the reasons our ideas have not gained traction among officials (or, for that matter, even are seen by same) is that the great Rich Serino, Deputy FEMA Administrator retired and moved on. I think he was one of the great initiators of the FEMA Think Tank system.
    in Mar 2014
  7. Yes, it is always good to know if ideas are being put to use, or if you should continue attempting to reach a new target audience that will understand and use the Idea.
    in May 2014

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