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customized weather alert app

A new customizable weather alert app that will show a live map of your location relative to the approaching storm and provide options to locate friends, family members and pets with GPS technology (imbedded in collars for pets and bracelets for children). It will indicate how much time you have to reach a safe location or what precautions to take if you are not near a safe area. It will also provide a list of suggested emergency supplies to bring with you depending on your specific location and estimated length of time you will be in danger.

Submitted by in Nov 2013

Comments (4)

  1. Good idea but who has the cost to put this app together and how much would all these chips cost to the average family? You can also hear the few that say big brother will definitely know where you are and what you are doing.
    in Nov 2013
  2. This type of application may have merit, but should be developed as a service by mobile telephone system carriers as a public service or others, not the federal government.
    in Nov 2013
  3. I am not a religious fanatic, yet I have heard this somewhere before. Not trying to be mean here, but evacuation is just that. To trickle down information on how to find your friends or pets via GPS is simply too much period. No one would ever go for that. BTW most dogs have location chips in them already. Those nanochip devices are reserved for VIPs. You really want to walk around with a GPS implant?
    in Nov 2013
  4. Then there's the fact that such an app could track YOU in real-time, say by the NSA, FBI, CIA, local police, hackers... Imbedding a government-controlled chip into every living thing and mobile device is beyond Orwellian, even if it is close to reality. I prefer my privacy over my safety, even if I have "nothing to hide", thank you. Have you read the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution lately? It's a great read, and quite pertinent to our times...
    in Jun 2014

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