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fixing the economies of the world

#1Starting better programs for youth. Free mixed-martial arts. Educate our future early.

#2.start a Government funded progressive ranching and farming project for the homeless and welfare.i have many more idea's.

Submitted by in Jan 2014

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  1. #1 After raising 4 kids...four were 2nd degree black belts...the last started too late to get beyond blue belt...but all were goal driven and disciplined...honor students and living successful adult lives...they started martial arts early and I believe it helped them in their lives. Perhaps martial arts could be introduced in the PhysEd programs in elementry schools and beyond...who knows how much it could help with a lot of the problems we have in shools today.
    #2 I can remember my uncle telling me about how he worked on a farm in Michigan during the Depression with others...Since the Govt hasn't considered CCC Camps again....perhaps farming might be another solution for homeless...give them a place to live and a means to be self sufficient. Welfare...another subject...too many free handouts!!!
    in Jan 2014
  2. Hi. I think you will be interested in what I am working on. There is a free eBook that is proposing how a non-combative branch of service can be used as a check and balance on monetary leverage over need. It would begin here in the country before potentially branching out into other places. The following url is a change.org petition that will be re-made into a wh.gov open govt. initiative petition once it's full.


    This idea is also here on the think tank.

    Education makes the difference in so many lives. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    in Jan 2014

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