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roofsoaker wildfire protction system

The roof soaking technology is a stand alone fire suppressant system with patented fasteners that hold the piping for adequate water or fire retardant to be distributed over the roof area, soffit and walls that will spray out 30 ft. around entire perimeter of structure.


The system is equipped with an infrared tower camera that will detect fires up to 50 miles away. As the fire front approaches the infrared tower camera will activate the system and alert property owner's computer and phones, as well as alert emergency responders. The system is also equipped with automatic generator power.

Submitted by in Jul 2014

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  1. Looks quite expen$ive even w/o looking at the video. We live out in the "sticks"; we've been evac'd in '03 and '07. Both times the power was knocked out for a week. To back up "commercial power" to run the pump or the infrared camera, you'll need some power augmentation, i.e., solar, generator, etc.

    Try this one:

    A friend has a similar syatem on his roof that is connected to the commercial water supply. He has it set up so that the system is set to go off with a timer.

    He sees the fire, say---5 to 10 miles away; knowing that it is headed in his direction. He can set the timer for anytime he wishes, to pre-soak the home and eves.

    Remember, for most wildfires, it is the EMBERS that you really need to be concerned about---not so much a firestorm. Embers can start fires in the damnest places; they only need a small patch of weeds or an area where leaves and windblown debris have found a cozy place to congregate.

    You can have 99% of your bases coverd, yet that 1% is where the fire can start that will consume your home. Better to concentrate on "boxing in" your roof eaves and then safely vent your attic through the boxed-in eves with some baffled-louvers for your roof/attic vent, as well as those under your soffit.

    Alan...Valley Center Fire Protection District/CERT
    in Aug 2014
  2. I've seen it in action its a wonderful product and great to have and has save home with fire right next door and people in Florida love it
    in Aug 2014

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