Strategic Foresight Initiative

The Strategic Foresight Initiative (SFI) is a transformative, community-wide effort to create an enduring foresight capability. It is intended to advance strategic planning and thinking about the future, to prepare the emergency management community both for emerging challenges and for the key opportunities presented by our changing environment. Its core focus is to understand the factors driving change in our world, and to analyze how they will impact the emergency management field in the United States over the next 20 years. Fundamentally, the SFI seeks two outcomes: (1) an emergency management community prepared for whatever challenges the future holds; and (2) a common sense of direction and urgency, to drive action toward meeting our shared future needs—starting today. Achieving these objectives will require ongoing conversations among diverse stakeholders, the creation of a common sense of awareness, and leadership throughout the community to make the needed changes to prepare our Nation for the future.

FEMA is only one member of the emergency management community. Therefore, to expand our community’s exposure to and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing us, the SFI engages all levels of government, non-profits, businesses and individuals. This forum provides an opportunity to provide input on the challenges and opportunities the future holds for emergency and disaster management. Your ideas will help shape the future work of the SFI.

The SFI adopted a rigorous approach to thinking about future needs for emergency management. The Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030 report represents the most comprehensive analysis to date of the future outlook facing those in our community of practice.

We are providing three discussion topics – highlighted in section III of the Crisis Response and Disaster Resilience 2030 Report - for you to contribute and share your ideas with the emergency management community.

To learn more about SFI and to read additional research materials, we encourage you to visit our website.