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A Crazy Idea of How To Correct A Flooded Area. CS

Pardon me for saying this as I'm not a vulcanologist but one of the biggest crisis we have in the US and many parts of the world is flooding. Tons of water where no place for this water to go. So,.what can we do. Let's look at this. From time to time there is another traggic event that hapenes and that is the discovery of a "sink-hole"! A sink-hole apprears in foreign countries and have appearred in the US as well. So it appears that according to this information if you dig deep enough in certain spots of an area and less in other that eventually you will discover a massive under gound area which could turn into a sink-hole if it collapses. But what if we were to channel what we could call "flooding tubes" which would be like arteries to channel major amounts of water in the event of a flood in areas that get flooded from time to time to this tube that then goes into the man made sink-hole which have been known to be huge and could hold unknown amounts of water? Know what I mean? Any thoughts?



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