Mitigation Investment for the Nation

A late idea on Mitigation activity of Disaster Prevention

I just found out the UN had the Department of Epidemiology of Natural Disaster Prevention. That was a new one, as I really believe most Natural Disasters you are too late to prevent. Most of the problems started with industrialization revolution in the 1800 and continue on today. An example in my work career was going to Frack the Earth's Crust just to get Oil. Well really the Earthquakes are not worth it and Big Vehicles in the US would help reduce the need to frack which I always thought was a Horrible Idea.


But as an experienced Epidemiologist, I have worked on a few things for the XI Federal Regional Court System in the 1990s. I have been in Disaster Preparedness via Civil Air Patrol, CD and ARC since 1974. I can tell you a few things about disasters that might not prevent them, but could reduce the fiscal burden.


Since H. Beulha in 1967 to H Cielia, Floyd, Katrina, Sandy, Matthew, and Irma/Jose/Nate to this year... I was on vacation in Aug 1988 Yellowstone NP the big fire, made me think of prevention...and I was in CA during Northridge and Loma Preta EQ. Resturcturing buildings in the bay and LA areas has paid off.


A research project on prevention strategies for disaster reduction. One idea, fireman know, burn the underbrush of our forests does a lot to reduce fire spreading & sequela. Work to open up a few MS Flood Planes to reduce by diverting water in a few areas - via St Louis to New Orleans...


We put men on the moon & have a fleet of war ships... then tell the Defense Dept. to give up a Cruise Missile or 2 to do some prevention activity in Homeland Sec.



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