Infrastructure Mitigation Projects

Advanced Energy Management Alliance

Regarding the Building Resilient Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (BRIC), Advanced Energy Management Alliance recommends that communities and third party Distributed Energy Resource (DER) solutions providers be enabled to partner under this program. AEMA has weighed in on numerous government proceedings regarding resilience, including at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Puerto Rico's microgrid proceeding, and California's SB 700. In all of these proceedings, we have used examples of DERs providing resilience to the grid in a consumer-friendly, cost-effective, flexible, and reliable manner. AEMA has found that customer-sited DERs, including microgrids, can recover quickly in emergency outage situations, providing an additional resilience solutions to customer and communities.AEMA believes that DERs should be a key component of the BRIC program. Natural disasters and the outages they cause are at a minimum are inconvenient to residents and costly to businesses, and at a maximum pose a real threat to life and limb when hospitals, elder care facilities, and critical community services are disrupted.



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