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In lieu of recent events, I think that aftercare is a positive solution to help make people feel safe after trauma. I am a CU Boulder honors cum laude alumni, who composed a research study on crisis volunteers and first responders on a hotline. I started a quotes campaign 2016 and was nominated for a Shorty Award, titled #bloggingcampaign after a discussion with the President of Brady Campaign 2016. My new campaign through Organizing for Action (OFA) is #dontdodrugs. In addition, I have attended a few meetings for Brady Campaign LA and Moms Demand LA.


While finishing my LLM in Risk Management and Compliance at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I continue to volunteer and help where I can based upon my skill set. I have been micro-blogging actively since 2013, when I built my first portfolio website mymollydoll.com.



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