Medical Responses

Category 5 hurricane Scenario part 1

Though the following is a very quick overview of ideas, I am sure that they are only a few actions. This is a very complex scenario, that could fill volumes of plans and preperations.

Fact and assumptions:


Major Resource and Demographic issues:


• Non-English speaking

• Large elderly and disabled community

• All hospitals are full or in the hurricane path

• Forty percent or more of the first responders are, or soon will be

• Illness, which is now believed to be food-born and not contagious

• 265,000 are requiring immediate medical attention

• Reduced infrastructure support personnel due to illness (down 40% equal to rate of first responders- assumption)

• 7 million people across Florida are in an evacuation zone post incident

• 5% of the 70 million are requiring care

• At this point, the dead will be addressed by DMORT teams, local authorities and the hospitals using tracking and refrigerated storage. Funeral directors and their staff may be asked to assist. Other than to control the spread of disease, for 72 hours, their static situation will not change,and processing should be secondary.


• Advise that all first responders and medical personel be provided with rations from secure sources brought in from outside the effected area till source of the outbreak is found and rectified



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