Medical Responses

Category 5 hurricane Scenario part 3

• Ensure that needed medical supplies and equipment are sent to the above facilities (see stockpile resource below)


• Generate capacity lists from above as sites come on line


• Alert mutual aid partners and intrastate Mutual aid partners and confirm resources available to be brought in for medical transport to above facilities in addition, bring in any personal supplies such as food and bedding for those responding into the area. (see sister cities note below)


• Secure and position key trained people in each facility including support staff ( see medical response go team below)


• Alert and Notify area DMORT teams


• Enact a set of national protocols for all EMS (both at BLS and ALS levels) standards to override any local protocols for the duration of the incident. And Medical Protocols that ensure Medical recourses can freely work in a triage mode ( do the most for the many) mode without fear of reprisal for breaking local protocols, and federal protection from civil actions stemming from care during the disaster.


• Set up mobile field triage units strategically placed in a community for ambulatory ill to be triaged and transported to the above facilities using busses staffed with trained First aid and Prior military medic volunteers and CERT Members.


• Alert Red Cross to deploy to the above facilities



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