Medical Responses

Category 5 hurricane Scenario part 4

Notes from above:


Stockpile resource - Pre arrange with local venders for supplies and equipment to ensure supply to these temporary facilities with MOI's and basic predetermined items.


Sister cities concept for EMS - Form a national program for EMS agencies as well as All Responder agencies that would create a network of sister cities. the agencies would be paired with 2 other comparable sized agencies and jurisdictional size from 60 miles apart ( in opposite directions, and longer distances depending on the area) . this would allow for members of each to cross train (6 times a year) by trading staff between them for a weekend. this would allow each agency not only the opportunity to learn the area, roads, special needs of that jurisdiction, equipment and such, but it would also allow the sharing of best practices and ideas. By doing so, after any large scale incident, which often stretches local mutual aid to the breaking point in the first hours, those in an area could get relief, and would also allow first responders a chance to take care of their own impacts from a disaster. More to come on this in another thread.



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