Mitigation Investment for the Nation

Combine robotic and drone technologies to save lives.

Imagine if one-day robotic soldiers, police, EMTs were developed combined with drone technology, you can create as many needed.

No more injured or PTSD soldiers, cops making the wrong split second decision to use deadly force (by using fast speed simulation cameras). Drone technology could fly these robots over traffic jams to get to accident victims, help soldiers injured on the battlefield, rescue people in the mountains, assist people of a crime in progress, and win battles of war by flying over roads, stop lights, buildings, and tough mountain terrain. Robotic arms are already being used for surgeries. This equipment could be transported into accident scenes, and then doctors could give medical help remotely by way of robotic surgeries technology equipment. Medical help could be administered to soldiers injured on the battlefield. To perfect this technology, organizers would create new BIG MONEY prizes, like that of Kitty Hawk. Imagine what will be produced. Sounds crazy, though that was what they thought of putting a man on the moon. It can be done.



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