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Community College Initiative

Many counties in the United States have community colleges; two-year institutions of higher education that offer Associate's degrees and Certificates. As the Education Coordinator for the Public Safety Education Department in my local community college, I know of no outreach program from FEMA which targets the potential development of EM-related materials for students and other community members attending classes at our college. I have been unable to locate any guidance on the use of community colleges as "centers of excellence" for the development of direct-delivery programs that specifically address FEMA and EM-related topics. Of course, there are programs developed for EM degrees, but not every student seeks such a degree. At our college there are thousands of students, but no emphasis from FEMA on the delivery of a unified message. Our school does participate (electively) in a "day of preparedness" seminar held once a year, and I have instructed in Emergency Preparedness in the seminar; but I would like to see a unified approach from FEMA for capitalizing on the potential of community colleges as an outreach or extension learning partnership.



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