Disaster Resilience Indicators

Consider multiple layers of protection and facebook accounts.

In the IT world, they place more than one layer of protection to prevent cyber attacks. Can they place more than one layer of protection around schools?

I recently helped my daughter move into a dorm, and they gave her a key card to get into the building. Though a student was waiting at this doorway to enter the building at the same my daughter would enter. Not safe, though innocent.

Can they place a secondary fence around whole sections of dorm buildings? They could place the outer gate at the R.A. office. This way, only those who live at a particular dorm may enter the first gate. If they go through this first gate without a card, the R.A. will lock all the secondary gates until school security arrives.

As for bad news about the missing college students, universities ought to create videos about personal safety, and then post this information onto college students' facebook accounts. Perhaps, there could be free prizes for those who watch these videos, and there could be periodic videos to remind students about safety. Text messages could be used to post where to pick up their winnings and any meetings on personal safety.



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